Oooooo, now I know there are some people who don’t want to eat anything vegan that looks or tastes like meat, but thats not me – each to their own.

My view is that as long as it IS vegan, I am happy to try it – although I have been put off a number of times in the past if something just seems a little TOO realistic!

Last weekend however, was one of those time when I came across something which I had never tried before and it tasted amazing! I have always been excited to find new foods and tastes, even if I decide that its not for me – I love exploring and experimenting with vegan food which almost certainly stems from the lack of choice available to me when I went vegan, so I had to learn to be creative in the kitchen to make my food enjoyable.

I have often said that it is a shame most restaurants don’t properly cater for vegans, in my opinion anyway – we don’t all want a plate of simple veggies to call dinner!!! Now I am not saying a vegetable dish cant be absolutely delicious, as it absolutely can – however, I have had more than my fair share of a few veggies thrown on a plate and called dinner.  Grrrrr

My advice to those ‘chefs’ who lack the imagination to create a meal that is equally creative and delicious for a vegan, as their meat eating customers would expect, is simple – when that meal is leaving your kitchen, ask yourself “would I enjoy this for my meal?” if the answer is a genuine yes, then hopefully your vegan guest will feel the same. Anyway I digress.

Last weekend I made a trip to Cologne and took time to check on a new vegan vietnamese buffet restaurant called ‘Orange Verte’ – the food was delicious, a large array of colourful and tasty dishes, plus a whole range of desserts.  But the prize for the best dish went to those ‘Chicken Drumsticks’.  Now its been over 3 decades since I ate any meat, so I am not a reliable source to tell you how realistic they were – but they tasted amazing.  Soft-ish seitan wrapped in a crispy ‘skin’, all clung around a bamboo ‘bone’.

As a deep fried treat, I wont be making them very often but I will definitely be seeking out a recipe to make at home, and when I do – I will be sure to share here. In the meantime, enjoy the photo!