Travelling is always a wonderful and enriching experience, but Bulgaria with a vegan toddler is a particularly interesting kind of challenge.

They say “baby eats what you eat”, but given that I love salad and my 17mo just looks at it with confusion before pushing it away.  He is great with other veggies, but salad does not work well unless its cucumber sticks!

Eating in our self-catering apartment is much easier, as I can buy many of the foods he recognises and will eat – when he chooses to! I’m sure many parents know what I mean, looks at potato like its an alien one day and the next wolfs it down!!!

So I have followed the principle of giving him a range of things every day, so he can choose what he will eat.  One day he will pick out the cucumber, potato the next, hummus one day, peanut butter on toast almost always!

But eating out is much trickier.  As I wrote in my other blog on vegan travels to Bulgaria, eating out can be a challenge for an adult – but add in toddler pickiness, its an even trickier deal!

So I am not saying I am any kind of expert, and nor have I “GOT THIS”, but I am working on two principles:

  1. Do my best
  2. Breastfeed as much as he wants – and here, that is a lot! Luckily because I am still feeding, this is a great option for us both!

So far we have found bread, potatoes, tomato pasta, cooked veggies, along with tasters from mummy’s plate.  It hasn’t been a great success, but he has at least eaten something when we have been out and coupled with plenty of “boobie”, baby oat snack bars and organic crispy snacks that I stashed from home before I left, we are winging it! And making up for it, as much as I can at either end of the day with healthy options.

After running out of pre-made bars, I made my own too using a ripe banana mashed, tablespoon of smooth peanut better and fine oats – all mixed together into a thick paste, spreading out, cutting into segments and refrigerating. They taste great and ‘almost’ look like his more familiar bars – but after a first promising much, he hasn’t bought into them yet! Still a few days to go yet!!!!!