So I should say up front that one thing I enjoy the most is experiencing a wide variety of things, places, people and yes vegan food.  However through my journey over these decades I have come to feel more at home with some places and crowds than others.

Last weekend I was excited to be heading back to RawFest, the UKs festival of music, talks, food stalls and like minded people who share a passion for raw food.  Well at least that is what it was the last time I went a couple of years ago, when it was a relatively new festival in a large open field – think country fair with a few large marquees with talks, demonstrations etc and lots of food choices.

So I was expecting, given the growing trends with veganism, clean eating, raw etc – that this year would be even bigger, better and more – well, mainstreamed?

Sadly, that isn’t what I found.  But rather what seemed to be a much smaller event nestled within a beautiful wood, but with a very limited number of stalls and food options.  The talks were being held in different spots, and whilst the ones in the hall were well attended, some others seemed to be just a handful of people sharing in the knowledge and wisdom being imparted.

The stalls were a collection of crystals, psychic readings, jewellery, clothing, smells and bells etc – and whilst pretty and in keeping with the ‘hippy-ish raw vegan stereotype’, there wasn’t anything that caught my eye.

Then it dawned on me, this isn’t my tribe, my gang, those people who I resonate with.  I was raw vegan for many years and whilst I absolutely believe in the benefits of the raw vegan food, I only have more of a passing interest in the crystals and alternative lifestyle so often going hand in hand with it.

I am more of a mainstream, corporate and entrepreneurial type – who enjoys all the benefits of vegan, including raw and juicing, through the day to day experience of living as part of society….. not on the edges of it.

Now to be clear, that isn’t any critisism of my hippy vegan friends – but I would rather be munching on my vegan burger or salad whilst sitting in a beautiful, clean restaurant or cafe – latte by my side (especially if it is a beetroot or tumeric one) rather than in a wood, with wasps and insects buzzing around me and mud in my sandals.

Its just how I roll these days! And I bet, I am not alone……