Easy vegan egg and toast

Would you like to make a super simple egg sandwich or egg on toast, well this is the recipe for you.



  • Sliced firm tofu – approximately 3 slices per person
  • Tumeric powder
  • Namala black salt


  • Lightly fry the tofu slices in a little oil, or use an oil spray
  • Once both sides are lightly browned, sprinkle tumeric and black salt to taste – a little goes a long way so just start with a pinch of both first and add later if you want a stronger flavour
  • Turn the tofu slices a couple of times, so the flavour is on both sides
  • Serve hot with fresh toasted bread or in a sandwich


  • To make this more realistic, you could spend time shaping the egg and playing with where to put the tumeric – but for me, this its about the taste with this recipe!
  • Use wholemeal bread or gluten free, with or without the homemade sauce of your choice if thats your thing


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