What if I told you that I have a recipe for a pasta recipe that is quick and tasty?

  • It can literally be made in about 10 minutes with almost no effort?
  • It requires virtually no cooking skills?
    • Can you boil water? If so, you can do this!
  • The basic recipe is just two ingredients
    • Yes only two!
  • With a little more effort you can adapt it in a variety of ways?
    • Vegan – of course!
    • Need gluten free, no problem use GF pasta
    • Fancy it hot and spicy, no problem top with some chilli flakes
    • Love your veggies, just lightly fry some up and throw in at the last second
    • More garlicky, crush some up and stir in at last second
    • Make a homemade sauce instead of shop bought (see below)
    • Need bigger bowlful because it is so good? Just size up the measures!


So what is this recipe I hear you cry!  Well, its so simple …..

Serves 4

2 minutes prep

10 minutes cooking time



  • 400g pasta of your choice
  • 160g vegan garlic and herb cream cheese


  • Cook pasta until its almost soft and drain
  • Add cream cheese and stir in while pasta is hot
  • Serve


Really – thats it!


Or try your own homemade sauce?  If you want to get really fancy, you could also whip up a homemade soft cheese alternative while your pasta is cooking – just remember to soak the nuts overnight beforehand.


Homemade garlic herb cream cheese


  • cup of soaked cashews
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • fresh herbs of your choice
    • 1 tbsp if chopped
    • 1 handful if whole
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast, optional for cheesy flavour
  • 1 tsp pink salt


  • Put all ingredients into blender
  • Add water to cover blades
  • Blender for 3 minutes until completely smooth and warm

You could make this sauce while your pasta is cooking, then pour over cooked pasta and add a sprinkle of herb to garish to serve.


And there you have it, a super easy version and an easy version of a delicious pasta dish that all the family can enjoy, which can be easily adapted to meet individual tastes AND would be a good fit at a dinner party too!

I would love to hear your feedback when you try out this recipe, see your photos and hear about how you adapted it to suit your tastes!