Are you looking for some spooky fun vegan foods to share with friends and family this halloween, well look no further as I have put together my top 10 favourite halloween inspired foods.

  1. Stuffed Jack-o’-Lanterns


I love these because they would be so simple to make, and yet effective.

These spooky stuffed peppers by, are filled with a tomato pasta!

2. Mashed Potato Ghosts 


Again simple and fun – bet it would even get the kids eating up dinner quicker!

Pipe mash onto your vegan bolognaise, and add ketchup eyes! By

3. Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts


A simple and healthy halloween treat.  Using cucumber for pumpkin stalks and vegan choc chips or raisins for eyes.  By

4. Spooky Black Bean Hummus


A healthy hummus with an olive spider and halloween twist.

For the recipe, check out

5. Vegan Cheese Muffin Mummies


Another great one for kids or for party food.

By, using muffins topped with tomato sauce, strips of vegan cheese and olive eyes!

6. Witches Fingers


These look so effective and ….er…. realistic!  Shaped pastry, with jam and flaked almond fingers. By

7. Monster Toast – Avocado, Pea and Pumpkin Seed


Another healthy and quick winner, with bread and ketchup fangs. By

8. Bloody Cups


A bit more effort is needed to pull off these cups, but take the word bloody out of it and they look delicious.  Vegan and gluten free, by


All vegan and spookily fun – enjoy!