Not a question I ever thought I would ask myself, but whilst I was doing research this week about the benefits of vegetables, I realised I had never asked myself if and IF vegetables are good for us.

For my whole life I have understood vegetables ARE good, and we should eat at least 5 portions a day, and preferably organic!

Then I stumbled across Dr Georgia Ede, an American doctor who has given a number of talks on why vegetables may not be good for us after all.  She argues that whilst plants ‘want us’ to eat their fruits, to spread their seeds – they do not want us to eat their main plant structure – as a natural defence mechanism.

She gave examples of plants which when eaten, release toxins – which made an interesting watch but I noticed at the end, she was unable to answer audience questions and came back to her point that she couldn’t say whether on balance vegetables are good but she couldn’t say they weren’t either.  So after half an hour of this specific video, I was none the clearer.

Dr Ede did give examples of certain cultures, like Eskimos, who live on almost entirely meat and fish based diets.  However, when researching other sides of that argument, I found that those cultures who live on very little if any vegetables, do eat berries or drink plant teas, to provide them with the vital nutrients required.

And she didn’t mention any groups of people which live on little or no meat, but very high vegetable diets such as Buddhists.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting question and always worth considering a different perspective, however from the years of information I have considered, I passionately believe plant based diets are healthy and vegetables have an awful lot of goodness to offer.

To me it makes sense to eat vegetables, as fresh as possible, enjoying a wide variety which are as free from pesticides or chemicals as possible.  I believe that they can taste amazing, look fantastic and doubtlessly provide quality nutrition, which is why its just common sense that they are good for us.