Are you taking the Veganuary pledge to eat vegan food for January this year, or making a new years resolution to eat more plant foods in 2018?  If so, well done, thank you, congratulations, you can DO IT!

Whatever your motivation to eat more vegan food, here are seven steps to help you eat more vegan food in 2018!


Step 1 Focus on every day at a time

Before you know it the days will become a week and the weeks will become the full month! And beyond that, you will know enough to help you make vegan food choices whenever you want.

Step 2 Learn the basics

Vegan foods contain no animals or animal products

  • That’s also means fish, chicken, dairy and eggs
  • Watch out for ‘hidden’ ingredients made from animal products! The Vegan Society has a current list of known things to watch out for

Step 3 Identify what you already enjoy that is vegan

You might be surprised how many of your favourites are vegan-friendly! Like beans on toast, tomato pasta, chips, crisps, salads – of course, jacket potatoes, pizza with vegan cheese or no cheese!

Step 4 Try new foods and recipes

  • Explore new foods and flavours to find new favourite vegan foods
  • Try a vegan restaurant or ask your favourite restaurants what they can make
  • Have a look at our recipes to find inspiration and meal ideas
  • Veganise! Replace non-vegan food items with vegan versions within a meal, try using tofu, lentils, soya products
    • If you have a favourite dish that would like help veganising, just post our FB page and we will get back to you with options!

Step 5 Get support!

  • Join our community on FB if you aren’t already 🙂
  • Welcome your friends and family to try new foods too. It’s more the merrier to the vegan party!

Step 6 Be kind to yourself if you make a mistake

  • Perfectionism is tricky and we all make mistakes, just remember what first motivated you and keep trying!

Step 7 Remember this is your journey

  • Trust your own judgement on how you will best eat more vegan food, try to avoid conflicting opinions of what you ‘should’ do


Eating vegan food will be easier than you might imagine and whilst it will take a bit more effort in the early days to get into the groove of what to eat, especially if this is a very different diet to you than before, just remember that every vegan meal matters and you can do it!