The start of January 2018, marks another year of Veganuary – the challenge for those new to vegan food to try it out for a month.

It also means there is a lot of extra support, ideas and even products available to those who are up for it – in addition to the Veganuary website and email support, various vegan groups and businesses will be upping their support and information to help too.

Here at Loved and Enough we are fully supporting this great initiative in several ways:

  • Our Facebook page will be filled with more posts than usual to help support people
    • With both an insight to what I am eating every day to offer some ideas of easy, tasty vegan meals, along with other inspirational ideas
    • I have pinned a post at the top of the page too, which shows some of the questions I am answering away from this page but which may be helpful to others who are getting their head around this
    • Please do share anything vegan here too – we would love to hear your ideas and favourites 🙂
  • I am working on more and more recipes to share, to help with ‘easy to make’ ideas that all the family can enjoy
  • I am also running a personal support group for a small number of people who are new to veganism, and both dedicated to Veganuary, and the prospect of making shifts beyond January – so my goal is to make this as easy and enjoyable for them as possible!
  • Then…. towards the end of January, we will be releasing a brand new 7 day menu plan to help people eat more yummy food for breakfast, lunch and dinners!  This plan is budget friendly (very!) to help ease the post christmas financial pain but also we will offer it COMPLETELY FREE!!! So watch this space for more details over the next couple of weeks or so.


Don’t forget the FREE download for 7 Steps to Eating More Vegan Food, which you can get by signing up on our website 🙂

We would love to hear you questions, thoughts ideas and comments – or indeed how we could help you on your vegan food journey, so if there is anything you would like to know that you think we can help with, just post onto out Facebook group @lovedandenough

Why not challenge us to veganise your old favourite dishes – we all like a challenge don’t we!

To all of those participating in Veganuary – congratulations and well done, its great to have you on the journey! And to anyone still thinking of whether to – just remember this isn’t about perfectionism, its about doing our best.