This week I was invited to Susy Radio to chat with Tess Lewsey about Veganuary and how to make the most of it.

It was a really interesting experience and Tess was genuinely very interested in hearing about veganism both on and off microphone.

The show was recorded live, so it was exciting and challenging to be put ‘on the spot’ about these issues!

The main thing that impressed me about the interview, was that her questions were thought provoking and well considered as she asked me about a range of vegan issues including the following which I have summarised with the essence of my answers:

  • what is the difference between a vegetarian and vegan
    • vegans also don’t eat egg, diary and other products such as leather and will consider their lifestyle choices to avoid animal usage
  • what is Veganuary
    • international vegan challenge for January, 150k participants in 2018
  • what about vegan children, should they take a vitamin
    • all children need a balanced diet and the NHS recommends vitamin D for all kids over 6 months old – so why not make it a good quality multivitamin as good practice for us all, not just kids
  • how well are vegan kids catered for at school and do they have to take a packed lunch
    • many schools are very accommodating to this, especially nowadays! and as veganism is protected by the human rights legalisation it makes it easier for us to ask our schools and let them know there is a demand
  • eating out, do restaurants cater for vegans very well
    • yes, the offer has never been better with so many places adding clearly marked vegan choices to the menus for everyone to enjoy
  • what did I think about using vegan food for weight loss
    • its important everyone has a healthy balanced diet, regardless of whether its by vegan food or not
  • do vegans take prescription medication that may have been tested on animals
    • essentially it is a personal matter on this one – the vegan society would say that veganism “is as far as possible and practicable”, so if you need medication, then you need it
  • and more!

It was a thorough and wide ranging, so much so, that we are already talking about follow up interviews due to the popularity of this one!

It was a great opportunity to ‘spread the word’ about veganism and great vegan food, and brilliant that Susy Radio were so open to hear about it for their listeners in such a positive light too.

To listen to the interview in full, just follow this link:  Susy Radio Interview

I would love to hear your feedback too!