I am often asked ‘what do you eat?’ by people trying to get to grips with how a vegan can live on vegetables or grass alone 🙂 So for January I pledged to help give others a better understanding of my reality of eating vegan food, by sharing my daily updates of what I ate each day.

When I look back over those posts, I found out a few things about this January that I wouldn’t have noticed without this accountability:

  1. I often eat the same foods a few times in a row.  Whether its leftovers from dinner as lunch the next day, or making foods to ‘use up’ ingredients in the fridge.  I enjoy this way of eating and it works for me!
  2. I have more ‘processed’ vegan food than I thought.  I was once a raw vegan, with 100% of my food unprocessed, fresh and natural – which I loved but found challenging to maintain whilst still enjoying going out for meals etc.  So I moved to high-raw, with over 80% of my food as raw but with elements of cooked food, especially some bread here and there, rice or quinoa.  But still it was VERY healthy food.  What I see this month, is that I have very often opted for food which, whilst reasonably healthy, isn’t AS reflective of the diet that I want to have for me or my family – so I can learn from this and make better decisions moving ahead.
  3. Despite my passion for waxing lyrical about the benefits of water, I often lapse into too many hot drinks or squash….. note to self – drink more water.
  4. When I am busy, my food doesn’t always support me.  Again, I strongly believe that food is fuel for the body, the better quality the better – but in January with so much going on at home and work, I was often too busy to take the time to prepare wholesome foods as much as I thought I did, and would like to!
  5. My meals weren’t consistent in size, calories or timing,  It seems I grabbed food on the go, had high calorie meals more than I realised and sometimes just missed meals altogether.  Yet I know the benefits of eating regularly, sensibly and balanced – so I must pay more attention to that.
  6. I share a lot of food with my toddler! Fortunately, I don’t overeat this way by finishing his meals – but rather that I make food for him which I often end up having as my own dinner.  Yet, I wouldn’t necessarily want the same food as he does – I like nutty salads and raw foods, which he isn’t a big fan of! Then other times I make a meal for myself and he says “I try Mummys” and I end up without a meal – bless his cottons!

I had some reslly positive feedback from these posts, as many people found it interesting to see what I ate every day – not that I have a typical vegan diet as I am sure there is no such thing – but at least it offered ideas and inspiration to those just starting out.

I would love you know how you found your own Veganuary journey, did you learn and lessons and what will you take forward into the rest of 2018 and beyond?

For me, it summarises as:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Make the best possible choices in each situation
  3. Keep it healthy
  4. Keep it balanced
  5. Eat food I really enjoy

How about you?