We all have those days when we set out to make a lovely meal and some things just don’t work out as you planned…. at all!  So today, I thought I would share with you some of my recent … er… experiences!

The Mezze Non-Cake

It was a friends birthday who is an exceptional cake maker, and since she was coming for my place for a birthday dinner – I thought I would go to the effort of trying out a new idea.  I had seen some savoury Mezze Cakes online, and thought I would create my own ad-lib style…..

So I prepared the ingredients and decided to use a large pudding bowl with parchment paper to cook in, lining the parchment with lightly fried courgette slices, then I layered the following to fill the bowl

  • cooked brown basmati rice (this may have been the main culprit)
  • cooked smashed falafel balls
  • cooked red onion rings
  • cooked aubergine cubes
  • fresh baby vine tomatoes halved

I then covered with foil, with a few holes.

And intended to serve with hummus and a simple homemade tzatziki with finely chopped cucumber, mint and soya yoghurt.

As all ingredients were pre-cooked, I estimated that about 30mins on about 180C, would nicely bind the bowl! But after this time, it didn’t look any different, to when I first popped in the oven.  About 50 mins later at 200C it was ready to serve!

I proudly took it out of the oven, removed the foil, put a plate on the bowl and gentle tipped upside down – removing the bowl and parchment I paused my breath to see the ‘cake’ be unveiled.

No sooner had it been released from the parchment, than it started to collapse – before I could even get a photo! And a few moments later, it was a lovely pile of rice and veggies!

The saving grace, was it tasted lovely and not only made dinner that night – but a few meals in the next couple of days too…… note to self, next time, use a shallower bowl and something to ‘bind’ the loose rice 🙂


The Fire Alarm Seaweed (Bacon)

A much quicker failure.  I tried out the new seaweed that claims to taste like bacon when fried.  The instructions said use a generous amount of oil to fry, so I did but in the process it smoked so much in my kitchen, the fire alarm set off – despite the window open and extractor on! The seaweed wasn’t burnt at all, must have just been the process – but as I had a friend over for breakfast and I was demonstrating my new product, it was a tad embarrassing!!! 🙂


The Charcoal Pan au Raisin

We were staying away for a couple of days and I decided to use up the shop bought pan au raisin we had leftover from christmas for a family breakfast, before it ran out of date.

I am terrible for just putting things in the oven and going by my instinct on timings – much to my husbands concern!  Although to be fair, almost always, that works out well and my internal clock tells the right time.  Maybe it was because I hadn’t used this oven before or maybe I just lost track of time or I’m not that good after all, but any way – the fresh cooked breakfast we were expecting became literally charcoal and inedible.  So peanut butter on toast it was 🙂


ps not actual breakfast, but close!


What cooking ‘experiences’ have you had recently … come on, it can’t just be me, can it?