We are on a mission here at Loved and Enough to help people to be eat more vegan food…. now that doesn’t mean just overeat any food that happens to be vegan 🙂 but rather, how can we help you eat more vegan and plant food in your overall diet.

Some of the suggestions that we have had so far include:

  • Gorgeous and inspiring photos of food
  • Honest and less gorgeous but still inspiring photos of food, ie quick phone shots of meals
  • Hints and tips on how to eat vegan
  • Sharing new vegan menu options at high street favourites, or new vegan product ideas
  • Recipes
  • Menu plans (like our VegPlan on a budget!)
  • Video tutorials

But then we get a little stuck, and we are also a little stuck on which of these suggestions would add the most value to you, and our community.

Our focus here at Loved and Enough, is to help you make tasty, simple, vegan food that everyone can enjoy.  Keeping it pretty healthy, but without worrying too much about the nutritional breakdown of the foods we eat – so it becomes a simple way of life, rather than something we have to spend a LOT of time studying every day. (Although of course we will put in more time at the beginning, to understand the labels and ingredients etc).

So, we would love to hear more from you… what would help you or those that you know, to eat more vegan food?

And how could we help with that?

Please comment below, and if you can spare a minute or two (literally), it would be awesome if you could complete our survey here.  This will help us to focus our energies onto the stuff that you value the most!

Thank you so much for your time… it will help us, to help you!